CPL Transport have been specialising in the transport logistics for abnormal loads across UK & Europe for over 30 years. In this time, we have successfully delivered thousands of abnormal and oversized loads, and overcome countless obstacles along the way.

If you need something large or unusual delivered anywhere, we have the experience to make sure it gets there on time, safely and undamaged.

The key to our success is planning, preparation and monitoring. Site visits are often required, and we employ a full-time route/site surveyor so that we can get to you anywhere quickly to assess your requirements.

We will invest our time in understanding your requirements and transport logistics before accepting any delivery. This enables us to identify exactly what is required to deliver your abnormal or over-sized load successfully.

We will review:

  • Escort Vehicles
  • Road Permits
  • Police Escorts
  • Border Controls
  • Road furniture removal
  • Route options, with alternatives

CPL Transport work in conjunction with Police authorities across Europe, to obtain permissions and clearance for your load to travel uninterrupted. Our transport logistics team can also arrange road closures on your behalf, if required.

Our excellent relationship with the National Highways agency ensures that, if required, road furniture can be removed in order to facilitate the movement of large or awkward loads.

We will identify if road permits are required for your delivery and hold annual permits for most abnormal load movements in Europe, for differing weights and sizes.

CPL also have the contacts and knowledge needed to fast-track applications if required, a process which could otherwise take many months.

We can provide a fully liveried vehicle escort service, with a qualified and highly experienced abnormal load driver, to ensure safety of the load and other road users.

Once moving, our Control Centre monitors current road and traffic conditions. The team can make real-time decisions based on the precise location of each vehicle, thanks to the trackers installed, and can re–route if necessary to ensure timely deliveries.

This level of transport logistics consultancy and service is not standard in the industry, but a pre-requisite for a safe and timely delivery of your abnormal load.