Ghost Forest Art Exhibition
Case History

CPL were requested to transport 9 giant tree roots as part of an art exhibition highlighting the issue of deforestation. Originating from Western Ghana, CPL took charge of the project, collecting the huge tree roots at Tilbury Docks and moving them to Trafalgar Square, London in convoy for maximum public interest.

They then assisted the installation at Trafalgar Square, where they remained in situ as a static art exhibition.

With the largest tree root measuring 4.5 metres diameter and weighing 25 tonnes it was essential that a haulier with the necessary expertise and equipment was on job. Our client was so delighted with the service that they subsequently asked CPL to transport the magnificent trees onto their next destination .. Copenhagan for the UN Conference on Climate Change!
CPL assisted the careful break-down of the London exhibition and delivered safely to Copenhagen in time for the conference. Upon arrival, the CPL team had to deliver and supervise the installation whilst a public protest against climate change was in full swing!. This required our drivers, as always to use their expertise and professionalism to ensure their load is delivered safely despite often difficult and challenging conditions.

CPL subsequently transported the trees to their now permanent home in the National Botanical Garden of Wales.